Introducing our new service: Mapping with drones, Orthophoto capturing with drones, Geodetic work with drones, and 3D capturing with drones! We offer you the opportunity to use the most advanced technology in the field of mapping and geodesy to breathe new life into your projects.

Mapping with drones is a revolutionary solution that will help you create detailed and precise maps of various objects and territories. Our drones are equipped with specialized cameras and full-frame sensors capable of capturing high-quality images and data. This allows you to obtain accurate geographical measurements and maps that can be used in various fields such as construction, agriculture, insurance, damage assessment, firefighting and flood prevention, forestry, and many others.

Orthophoto capturing with drones is an extremely useful tool for precise measurement and analysis of land areas. With this service, you can obtain high-quality aerial images of your area with exceptional resolution and detail. Orthophoto capturing allows you to measure distances, areas, and various land features with great accuracy, providing valuable data for your projects and activities.

Geodetic work with drones provides fast and efficient data collection for land and territorial surveys. Our licensed surveyors use geodetic drones specially designed for precise measurements and data collection, thereby reducing the time and effort required compared to traditional surveying methods. With geodetic work with drones, you can obtain accurate and reliable data for your construction projects, property management, and engineering surveys.

3D capturing with drones is an exciting tool that allows you to see the world in three-dimensional images. With our drones, we can capture objects and terrains from various angles and heights, enabling us to create realistic 3D models. These models can be used in architecture, urban planning, tourism, and many other fields to present projects and ideas in an unprecedented way.

With our new service for mapping with drones, orthophoto capturing with drones, geodetic work with drones, and 3D capturing with drones, you have the opportunity to benefit from the most modern and innovative technology. Our professional teams are ready to assist you with any projects and requirements, providing quality, accuracy, and prompt execution.

Contact us today and discover how our drone service can help you achieve your goals and create incredible projects!