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Our team is fully certified for any work with unmanned aerial vehicles UAV/Drones according to all EASA- https://www.easa.europa.eu/en requirements in almost any environment and conditions, and we hold all the necessary insurances and certificates to carry out high-risky work and in difficult weather conditions. With our available high-tech drones for photo, video, and thermal imaging, we create aerial shots with a unique dynamic and cinematic look, adhering closely to the standards used in the film industry. Regardless of the fact that we have one of the most high-tech equipment in the field, we are always ready to accept small projects that are attractive and pleasant to work on, thus we often help the client to develop in his field and achieve the goals and aims. In addition to standard imaging, we have extensive experience and technology for thermal inspections and thermal imaging with some of the most advanced thermal cameras. Our entire team has over 20 years of experience in air sports and aviation and over 10 years of experience in the use of Remotely Controlled Aircraft (drones), with almost no aerial photography challenge that can stop us.

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Sky Picture Bulgaria provides quality video recording and filming in different video formats. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a complete visual solution according to your wishes and requirements: video advertising suitable for any business, presentations, and promotion of activities with voice-over in almost all popular languages spoken in the world, video recording of events, documentaries, etc. A well-directed, produced, and targeted video captures the interest of users almost in a flash given the possibilities offered by social networks these days.

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Time-lapse and hyper-lapse filming give a unique and exceptional vision when filming objects or actions that develop over a long period of time but must be depicted in a video clip within 60-90 seconds, in which maximum detail and to attractively follow the entire process of a given project – construction, repair, construction of industrial sites, mega structures, different seasons, etc. Our team is one of the leaders in Europe in this type of filming, as we have worked on some of the largest industrial, construction and strategic objects filmed in this format. We have the ability to film a project with up to 25 cameras from different angles, both outside and inside for a duration of several hours to several years if the project is long-term. The cameras themselves are duplicated and have their own power supply, which allows them to work on any terrain and climatic conditions. Hyperlapse filming is similar to timelapse filming, but now it is done with moving cameras, which already really gives a unique vision to the project and there is an opportunity to take some more attractive shots from above with a drone.


We offer complete solutions in the field of high-quality aerial and terrestrial photography with some of the highest quality cameras and lenses available today. A set of well-chosen photographs arouses the immediate interest of users almost in a flash, given the possibilities offered by social networks these days, unlike video content, photographs are viewed much faster and an instant idea of the advertised product or business is obtained.

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The use of FPV sport racing drones is perhaps the newest and most attractive segment in this business, producing some of the most dynamic and exciting footage unmatched ever before. They can fly up to 200 km/h. they are operated with glasses and have a range of 7-8 km. There are mainly two types: small drones, also called CINEWHOOP, suitable for filming production facilities, offices, halls, factories, means of transport, premises, and much more. etc. They are safe for people because they have propeller protectors, are small, and fly at a relatively low speed. There are already high-end FPV drones that are used to track cars, planes, helicopters, etc.

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Petrov Sky Dynamics is a high-tech company owned by SKY PICTURES BULGARIA working mainly with UAVs (drones) and specialized software for thermal, optical, intelligent and any survey-inspections of industrial objects, buildings, photovoltaic systems, wind generators and others. The unmanned aerial vehicles we work with can fly in almost any weather conditions with wind gusts up to 20 m/s combined with piloting by experienced pilots gives impressive final results of any survey or inspection. Such an inspection of energy, industrial, photovoltaic or other types of equipment, carried out prophylactically and in time, gives a perfect analysis of the operation to date, detection of defects that are impossible to detect visually or in any other technical way, especially in hard-to-reach terrain, and the diagnosis itself takes place in real time. Such a survey is particularly suitable for inspections of buildings regarding their energy efficiency, leaks on pipes and roofs, for industrial heating pipes, pipelines, gas pipelines, sea water and ecology, as any anomaly invisible to the human eye or any other type of inspection regardless of the inspected object is visualized instantly.

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Mapping with drones, Orthophoto capturing with drones, Geodetic work with drones, 3D capturing with drones, Photogrammetry

mappingIntroducing our new service: Mapping with drones, Orthophoto capturing with drones, Geodetic work with drones, and 3D capturing with drones! We offer you the opportunity to use the most advanced technology in the field of mapping and geodesy to breathe new life into your projects.

Mapping with drones is a revolutionary solution that will help you create detailed and precise maps of various objects and territories. Our drones are equipped with specialized cameras and full-frame sensors capable of capturing high-quality images and data. This allows you to obtain accurate geographical measurements and maps that can be used in various fields such as construction, agriculture, insurance, damage assessment, firefighting and flood prevention, forestry, and many others.

Orthophoto capturing with drones is an extremely useful tool for precise measurement and analysis of land areas. With this service, you can obtain high-quality aerial images of your area with exceptional resolution and detail. Orthophoto capturing allows you to measure distances, areas, and various land features with great accuracy, providing valuable data for your projects and activities.

Geodetic work with drones provides fast and efficient data collection for land and territorial surveys. Our licensed surveyors use geodetic drones specially designed for precise measurements and data collection, thereby reducing the time and effort required compared to traditional surveying methods. With geodetic work with drones, you can obtain accurate and reliable data for your construction projects, property management, and engineering surveys.

3D capturing with drones is an exciting tool that allows you to see the world in three-dimensional images. With our drones, we can capture objects and terrains from various angles and heights, enabling us to create realistic 3D models. These models can be used in architecture, urban planning, tourism, and many other fields to present projects and ideas in an unprecedented way.

With our new service for mapping with drones, orthophoto capturing with drones, geodetic work with drones, and 3D capturing with drones, you have the opportunity to benefit from the most modern and innovative technology. Our professional teams are ready to assist you with any projects and requirements, providing quality, accuracy, and prompt execution.

Contact us today and discover how our drone service can help you achieve your goals and create incredible projects!


obuchenieCurrently, thermal cameras and drones are becoming the most powerful tools for inspection, drone survey, search and rescue, construction, and fire safety. If you or your institution need internationally certified experts in this unique activity, we are here to provide you with one of the best training and certification from professional drone pilots and experts who have completed hundreds of projects worldwide, mainly in heavy and offshore industries.

Sky Pictures Bulgaria, in collaboration with Petrov Sky Dynamics, provides professional training for remote drone pilots to work with thermal cameras, interpret and process images. The training is primarily focused on state and private institutions or organizations that already have or plan to acquire their own UAV drones and use them for their activities in municipal, military, maritime, forestry, construction, industrial, fire safety, or any other field.

We offer:
✅ Expert Training:
Our instructors are experienced professionals in the field of piloted aviation, drones, and thermal cameras. They will teach you everything you need to know to conduct successful inspections or operations specific to your field.
✅ Certification:
Upon successful completion of our courses, you will receive an official certificate that will certify you as a professional in the field, with the level and specific qualification for which the training was conducted.
✅ Personalized Training and a Personal Approach:
We apply an individual approach tailored to your needs and requirements, with a program specially developed based on the activities of the trainees. Our goal is to provide you with practical skills and knowledge to use in real situations.
✅ Coverage in Multiple Areas:

Our training is applicable to inspections in various fields such as agriculture, ecology, energy, construction, municipal activities, military activities, fire safety, and many others.

Why choose us:
✅ Top-notch Equipment: We work with the latest, modern, and high-tech drones and thermal cameras to provide you with the highest possible quality of training.
✅ Our certified and certified pilots are sought after by
✅ Construction companies for inspection
✅ Fire brigades for rapid fire detectio
✅ Municipalities and state institutions for infrastructure project
✅ Search and rescue organizations in emergencies and many others
✅ Training geared towards state institutions and companies

Our training is tailored to the needs of municipalities, fire, construction, and other companies and organizations that need specialists in the field of thermal cameras and drones.
✅ Practical Skills: We not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also train you in real scenarios so that you are prepared for any situation, and our team is one of the few in Europe and the world that has had the opportunity to work on and around some of the most hazardous and strategic objects, which is invaluable experience that we can share with you.
✅ Guaranteed Success: With us, you will learn not only how to operate drones but also how to extract the maximum value from thermal cameras and all the equipment you have.
✅ Current Knowledge: We closely monitor industry innovations and always provide you with current and important knowledge, and after completing the training, we continue to maintain contact with our students and assist when needed.
✅ Support and Consultation: Our experts are here to help with any questions and challenges you may have.

The sample training guidelines (which depend on the structure or situation with which you
work and are subject to change according to its needs and goals) are as follows:

1. Introduction to drones and thermal camera technology
2. Working with a drone with a thermal camera and the difference from a traditional drone
3. Capturing particularly important objects and objects of critical infrastructure, depending on whether it is a public or private industrial or other object
4. Search and rescue of people on land or in water
5. Detecting urban, forest fires, and other hazardous objects, as well as ecological disasters
6. Determining the temperature characteristics of buildings, structures, vessels, people, and other objects depending on the surrounding environment, season, and other factors
7. Detecting spills, oil, or other toxic substances and determining their boundaries
8. Computer processing of data captured with the thermal camera, using Artificial Intelligence and third parties to perform additional thermal reading.
9. Legal-legislative segment regarding working with drones, thermal drones, embargoed equipment, interaction with all types of institutions regulating such activities.
10. Other knowledge and skills


We offer an effective and innovative solution for caring for your agricultural crops. Allow us to introduce our agricultural drone spray services !
Our team of experts in agriculture and technology provides a revolutionary solution for managing your crops. With the help of our agro-drones, we perform precise spraying on your fields, ensuring optimal distribution of plant protection agents and achieving maximum results.

Entering the era of digital transformation, we offer an innovative and efficient solution for your agriculture. Our service for spraying agricultural fields with agri-drones utilizes the latest technological advancements to provide you with optimal results and cost reduction.

What makes our agro-drones unique? Our technology offers:

  1. Precision spraying: We use the latest mapping and navigation technologies to ensure precise and even distribution of spraying agents on your crops. With our agro-drones, we can reach inaccessible and unevenly processed agricultural areas providing even distribution of agents. This contributes to increased efficiency in your agriculture and reduces losses.
  2. Minimal losses: With our agro-drones, you can be assured that spraying agents are used efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs and risks of losses. By using our service, you reduce your fuel, time, and human resource costs. Our drones are programmed to operate with high precision while simultaneously reducing the use of resources such as water and chemicals.
  3. Fast service: Our drones can cover large agricultural areas in a short time, providing quick and efficient processing of your crops.
  4. Eco-friendly: We use modern technology that reduces the need for traditional spraying methods, decreasing emissions of harmful substances and conserving water.

Our goal is to help you achieve a greater and higher-quality harvest. With our agro-drones, we can perform precise spraying that optimizes the growth of your crops and reduces pests and diseases.

For more info about our service for spraying agricultural fields with agri-drones, contact us today. Our experts will be happy to provide you with additional information and ensure the optimal solution for your agriculture.


Solutions for Your Drone Needs or Drone Defense Systems
We are your partners in the world of unmanned aviation and drone technologies. We offer consultancy services fully tailored to your needs and requirements for every aspect of drone aviation. Our experts in unmanned aviation will assist you in building, managing, and optimizing your drone operations or how to invest your funds in purchasing any unmanned system.

Drone Defense and Anti-Drone Systems
In the era of rapidly advancing drone technology, protecting your property and data becomes increasingly important. We offer effective consultancy solutions for protection against unwanted drones, consultation for installing anti-drone systems, systems for tracking and detecting drones and their operators, ensuring the security of your facilities and events.

Expert Knowledge of Drone Legislation and Drone Regulations
The complex regulation of unmanned aviation can be a challenge for many businesses and organizations. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and expertise in legislation for Unmanned Aerial Systems and will help you successfully navigate all legal requirements and restrictions, document preparation, etc. With the development of unmanned aviation, it is essential to comply with the legislation. Our consultants will provide you with individual and objective advice on the correct application of Unmanned Aerial Systems legislation for seamless and legal operation in accordance with all European or other regulations.

Our Clients are our Partners
When you work with us, you get more than just consultancy services. You get a partnership that strives for your success. We are here to help you achieve your full potential in the field of unmanned aviation and ensure the security of your operations.

Content Development, Management, and Creation of Corporate Pages on Social Platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Content Capturing and Filming for Social Media Platforms.

Our team is one of the most professional content developer, Leader in management, and creation for corporate pages across social media platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. Our goal is to assist you in building a strong online presence by crafting compelling and engaging content that sets you apart and attracts the attention of your target audience. We not only capture impressive content for your social media pages but also optimize it to ensure maximum visibility and engagement from your target audience.

Selling all types of professional drones, equipment for their operation, software for management and data processing. Custom drone manufacturing options for all kinds of activities.

We specialize in selling a variety of professional drones, equipment for their operation, as well as software solutions for management and data processing. We offer customized solutions for companies, organizations, municipalities, governmental agencies, and others who wish to utilize drones for their needs. Whether it's bespoke drones tailored for specific applications or individual software products, we are at your service.

We deliver directly from manufacturers in China, ensuring high quality at competitive prices. With us, you receive direct delivery from the production facility to your address.