Currently, thermal cameras and drones are becoming the most powerful tools for inspection, drone survey, search and rescue, construction, and fire safety. If you or your institution need internationally certified experts in this unique activity, we are here to provide you with one of the best training and certification from professional drone pilots and experts who have completed hundreds of projects worldwide, mainly in heavy and offshore industries.

Sky Pictures Bulgaria, in collaboration with Petrov Sky Dynamics, provides professional training for remote drone pilots to work with thermal cameras, interpret and process images. The training is primarily focused on state and private institutions or organizations that already have or plan to acquire their own UAV drones and use them for their activities in municipal, military, maritime, forestry, construction, industrial, fire safety, or any other field.

We offer:
✅ Expert Training:
Our instructors are experienced professionals in the field of piloted aviation, drones, and thermal cameras. They will teach you everything you need to know to conduct successful inspections or operations specific to your field.
✅ Certification:
Upon successful completion of our courses, you will receive an official certificate that will certify you as a professional in the field, with the level and specific qualification for which the training was conducted.
✅ Personalized Training and a Personal Approach:
We apply an individual approach tailored to your needs and requirements, with a program specially developed based on the activities of the trainees. Our goal is to provide you with practical skills and knowledge to use in real situations.
✅ Coverage in Multiple Areas:

Our training is applicable to inspections in various fields such as agriculture, ecology, energy, construction, municipal activities, military activities, fire safety, and many others.

Why choose us:
✅ Top-notch Equipment: We work with the latest, modern, and high-tech drones and thermal cameras to provide you with the highest possible quality of training.
✅ Our certified and certified pilots are sought after by
✅ Construction companies for inspection
✅ Fire brigades for rapid fire detectio
✅ Municipalities and state institutions for infrastructure project
✅ Search and rescue organizations in emergencies and many others
✅ Training geared towards state institutions and companies

Our training is tailored to the needs of municipalities, fire, construction, and other companies and organizations that need specialists in the field of thermal cameras and drones.
✅ Practical Skills: We not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also train you in real scenarios so that you are prepared for any situation, and our team is one of the few in Europe and the world that has had the opportunity to work on and around some of the most hazardous and strategic objects, which is invaluable experience that we can share with you.
✅ Guaranteed Success: With us, you will learn not only how to operate drones but also how to extract the maximum value from thermal cameras and all the equipment you have.
✅ Current Knowledge: We closely monitor industry innovations and always provide you with current and important knowledge, and after completing the training, we continue to maintain contact with our students and assist when needed.
✅ Support and Consultation: Our experts are here to help with any questions and challenges you may have.

The sample training guidelines (which depend on the structure or situation with which you
work and are subject to change according to its needs and goals) are as follows:

1. Introduction to drones and thermal camera technology
2. Working with a drone with a thermal camera and the difference from a traditional drone
3. Capturing particularly important objects and objects of critical infrastructure, depending on whether it is a public or private industrial or other object
4. Search and rescue of people on land or in water
5. Detecting urban, forest fires, and other hazardous objects, as well as ecological disasters
6. Determining the temperature characteristics of buildings, structures, vessels, people, and other objects depending on the surrounding environment, season, and other factors
7. Detecting spills, oil, or other toxic substances and determining their boundaries
8. Computer processing of data captured with the thermal camera, using Artificial Intelligence and third parties to perform additional thermal reading.
9. Legal-legislative segment regarding working with drones, thermal drones, embargoed equipment, interaction with all types of institutions regulating such activities.
10. Other knowledge and skills